Camp Kirkland and his son, Kirk,
have teamed up to bring you…
Christmas is Peace.

Camp Kirkland’s name has been on countless seasonal musicals, so they felt it only appropriate that their first joint venture be a mini-musical for Christmas.

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"Peace on earth and mercy mild; God and sinners reconciled!"

Christmas is hope...Christmas is joy...and Christmas is peace. Three of the greatest commodities in the world today...the things that everyone is searching for most in their lives. And there's no better time than Christmas to celebrate all we have in Christ, and to tell the world that they can find the hope, joy and peace they're looking for in the manger of Bethlehem. Christmas is Peace is a 20-minute musical presentation about the peace of Christmas found in Jesus. The peace Jesus brought that silent night so long ago was peace with God; a peace we can only know by recognizing Jesus as Savior and Lord. Use these five songs, supported by power point multi-media, as anthem material throughout the advent season, or present the entire work together with the provided narrations as a complete musical.


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